B&W Tek Announces QTRam™ 

The QTRam™, powered by B&W Tek’s STRaman™ technology, is a portable transmission Raman spectrometer that provides rapid, nondestructive quantitative analysis of solid dosages in blend and content uniformity applications.


  • Content uniformity – ensure the dosage uniformity of the API in solid dosage finished product including tablets, capsules, and gels
  • Blend uniformity – assess adequacy of mixing to ensure blend uniformity and homogeneity
  • Formulation development – support QbD initiatives in quantifying API and excipient concentrations in finished dosage forms
  • Counterfeit detection – calculate API quantity to ensure correct drug and correct dosage

Benefits of the QTRam

  • USP recognized transmission Raman for content and blend uniformity applications
  • High chemical specificity
  • Provides structural information and ability to quantitate other tablet ingredients all from one scan
  • Large sampling volume for representative measurement
  • Analysis can be done at-line
  • No sample preparation required
  • No consumables
  • No disposal costs
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