cleanLASER, represented by Pondpol, has become the byword for effective and efficient cleaning of moulds in the tyre industry. But did you know just how remarkable this method of cleaning truly is when applied to a variety of other applications such as:

  • De-coating of small areas
  • Restoration & Conservation
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • Oil & grease removal
  • Selective paint removal
  • Micro-profiling
  • Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding
  • Rust/oxide removal

Any material showing signs of corrosion &/or rusting, demonstrates the early onset of the destruction of the main substrate fabric. The very last thing that is required in removing and cleaning this problem, is that of further erosion by means of the mechanical impact of grit or ice blasting. Not to mention the costs of such a destructive method.

Oxidation does not differentiate or have any respect between materials, applications or environments…. It simply destroys all in its path when exposed to water or the atmosphere. Eventually reducing it to grit and or dust!

An aluminium casting being pre-treated for adhesive purposes, by a cleanLASER unit and fully automated robot.

Component parts entering a cleanCELL unit for pre-treatment, where they are precision cleaned for adhesive applications.

Pre-treatment cleaning of an automotive shaft component, enclosed within a cleanCELL unit.

Cleaning of a tire mould section by use of a handheld cleanLASER attached to a mobile unit.

Using a handheld cleanLASER on welded seams prior to NDT inspection and further painting.

Spinning optics shown entering the inside of a tube, efficiently cleaning and preparing it for welding purpose.

Fully automated robotic precision paint removal from a housing, utilising contoursSCAN technology

Removal of existing paint by an automated cleanLASER, which can also be achieved by a handheld unit, prior to repainting.

Ultra-fast removal of rust on an irregular object, using a handheld high-powered cleanLASER unit.