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a wide range of fiber-optically coupled accessories for our modular spectrometers to offer you nearly limitless utility. These include light sources, sample holders, fibers & probes, and integrating spheres plus a wide variety of sampling accessories.

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These laser systems are the ideal source for your application, offering you a complete line of high performance (class IIIb & IV) diode, DPSS and fiber laser systems that are available in both laboratory and medical grade configurations.

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These cutting-edge handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy instruments are suitable for both industrial and laboratory applications

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Modular Spectrometers

Boasting one of the most comprehensive lines of UV, Vis and NIR spectrometer modules in the market and combined with a wide selection of spectroscopy accessories, you are offered a nearly limitless utility.

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The development of handheld Raman spectrometers has changed the way industry conducts quality control of incoming raw materials, increase efficiency by eliminating the need for large space and wet chemistry.

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A full suite of software packages designed for all levels of users, from novice to expert. Spectral data acquisition allows you to easily collect and export data as well as provide basic post-processing and analysis functions.

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VIS/NIR Systems

This family of fiber-coupled, portable laboratory systems feature a unique array of NIR and broadband fiber coupled spectrophotometers, which allow you to perform a wide variety of applications.

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