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Contactless Conductivity

Several products are supplied for Capacitively-Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detection (C4D). C4D can be used for a wide variety of applications

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These units are used for the collection, display and analysis of signals from many types of laboratory instruments. They connect to Windows XP, or later and computers via USB

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Many electrochemical experiments can be performed using an e-corder with Chart, Scope, Echem or PowerChrom software. In addition there are several models of potentiostat

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isoPods & USB

isoPods are miniature, high performance, electrically isolated, online meters that can be used in situations where signal noise and crosstalk would otherwise be an issue.

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Research Applications

eDAQ products can be used for a variety of research purposes. For application information on eDAQ's data recording equipment, see application notes. For more information contact us direct

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Separation Science

The term 'separation sciences' covers a variety of techniques designed to provide qualitative and/or quantitative information about a sample by separating it into its constituent parts.

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Teaching Applications

The e-corder 210 and e-corder 410 recording systems are ideal for teaching. They can be used at all tertiary levels of chemistry / biochemistry / physics experimental courses to perform both simple and advanced experiments

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Tethered Membrane

Tethered membranes are planar supported phospholipid bilayers held above a gold electrode  by a set of hydrophilic polyethylene glycol (PEG) chains covalently bonded to the gold surface by organic disulfide anchors

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