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Papillon Live Scanner


The PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER system is designed for producing high-quality electronic tenprints in agency-specific formats that can be transmitted to any AFIS system.

The system enables the acquisition of the following images:

  • rolled fingerprints
  • touch fingerprints
  • plain impressions of four fingers taken simultaneously
  • plain impressions of thumbs
  • palmprints including ‘writer’s’ palm

The PAPILLON system has proved that it can overcome many common obstacles (moisture, smeared scans, too dry skin, worn ridges)  to obtaining good results.

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Papillon AFIS


Automated Fingerprint&Palmprint Identification System PAPILLON AFIS technology provides maximum automation of operations relating to tenprint and latent print data acquisition and submission to AFIS databases. The information stored includes tenprint records, palm prints, facial and SMT images, comprehensive demographic, and other descriptive details. Furthermore, image processing and record generation is completely automatic.

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