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Spex- fingerprint-imaging

Fingerprint Imaging

This broad range of products in Fingerprint Imaging, Fingerprint Image Enhancement and Comparison, includes all solutions for the laboratory and the crime scene, to digitally capture prints.

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SPEX-Lights source

Forensic Light Sources

These forensic light sources, CrimeScope, Mini-CrimeScope, and HandScope Xenon are the ultimate units in their categories, featuring the most wavelengths and highest intensity (best sensitivity in searching mode).

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PrintQuest AFIS-APIS System

PrintQuest Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) & Automated Palmprint Identification Systems (APIS) is a powerful stand-alone desktop PC AFIS/APIS Systems.

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Reflective Ultra Violet Imaging Systems (RUVIS)

The SceneScope Advance imager uses intensified UV reflectance instead of fluorescence as in Forensic Light Sources. The System can detect fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces prior to any treatment or after a cyanoacrylate fuming.

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