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Bench-Top Laser Systems

A complete line of high performance fiber laser systems for your laboratory with a full spectrum of high performance free-space and fiber coupled laser systems with unique properties

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Forensic Laser Systems

The TacticVUE: Forensic Blue Laser is a compact battery operated forensic laser system. It is capable of detecting finger & palm prints, biological & trace evidence, gunshot residue, and other chemicals.

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Laser Software

The USB Laser SDK (Software Development Kit) is designed for use with our CleanLaze® Lasers when running as a standalone USB Laser. The SDK provides the user with detailed function calls to our .DLL files. This package is designed for customers who wish to create their own custom software interface allowing control over the Laser.

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OEM Laser Modules: Diode & DPSS Modules

The BWR laser series is a diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser.  Compact and self-contained,  emitting a pure TEM00 beam with diffraction limited performance and a (typical) M2 of 1.4. Available at 1064nm with multiple power options. It has been qualified for use in some of the most demanding high-end instruments.

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OEM Laser Modules: High Power Fiber Coupled

The BWF-OEM fiber coupled, high-power laser diode OEM module is a customized, compact integrated package with a laser driver, thermal electric cooler, TEC controller and a high-brightness fiber pigtailed laser diode

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OEM Medical Laser Systems

The BWF5 is a portable high power diode laser designed for applications requiring easy operation with fiber delivered high output power at certain wavelengths, complete with a microcontroller and color touch screen LCD.

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