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SI Gamma Radiation

Gamma Radiation Monitoring

Eco-Friendly Radiation Detector (EFRD) system can be installed in an open environment without any additional shelter or air-conditioning for a diverse range of applications including security-related applications include homeland security, border monitoring, and power plant monitoring.

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SI Multichannel Analysers

Multichannel Analysers

HAMPack MCA has high voltage supply, preamp and multichannel analyzer in a body and can be plugged onto 14-pin base PMTs with various scintillators. By connecting HAMPack MCA to a PC using USB cable, energy spectrum can be obtained.

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SI Software


The u-RaMon for example, is a server software, to monitor multiple radiation detectors continuously. This web-based software enables users to monitor radiation status from anywhere if there is an internet access

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SI X-Ray

X-Ray Radiation Monitoring

This intelligent multi-purpose X-ray detector to be operated inside semiconductor inspection rooms, nondestructive inspection facilities and hospitals

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