Product Description


Maximum Flexibility

cleanLASER robotic mounted laser systems can be easily integrated into many types of industrial production lines. They use compact end effectors, beam delivery via flexible fiber optic and a compact laser source that save space while saving time and money.

24/7 – fully automated cleaning with consistent quality

Robot mounted laser optic OS A 70
OSA 70 Robot mounted laser optic

cleanLASER systems are available with modular designs for automated applications via digital I/O or fieldbus in new or existing facilities. With our global partners, cleanLASER offers turnkey, ready-to-use and customized solutions for a wide-range of industries.

When fully-automated, laser cleaning systems maximize the technologies’ advantages and economic pay-back potential.

Service from start to finish

From laser systems using industrial robots, to specially designed laser cleaning faculties, our design team provides support from the first test, to implementation, with on-going service and technical support.

Robot-guided laser pre-treatment in serial production (picture: AUDI AG)
Robot guided laser pre-treatment in
serial production (picuture: AUDI AG)
Example for robot guided optic Type AS A 70

Cleaning with laser light – environmentally friendly, precise and profitable.