Product Description


High precision applications

  • Available for any laser system power from 12 to 1000 Watt
  • Ultra compact solid state or CO2 laser (1064 nm or 10.6 µm wavelength)
  • Dust-tight optics
  • Wide range of aperture lenses
  • Treatment by LWL coupled or direct laser radiation
  • Scan2D software controls laser and multi-axis hardware for processing 2D shapes
  • Optional multi-axis / gantry systems controllable via Scan2D
  • Laser class 4 product with optional class 1 housing

Flexible Workstations

Workstation mit CL 20
Workstation with CL 20

cleanLASER Workstations are flexible systems, well-suited for cleaning/de-coating processes involving small parts and assemblies.

From the cost-effective cleanCELL laser safe workstation, to multi-functional automated systems with parts feeding, cleanLASER configures each to optimize the application.
The Workstation is designed as laser system for stationary and automated treatment of surfaces. A 2D optic directs the laser beam to the target area of the work piece in X and Y directions. Within the working area any geometric shape can be precisely treated (e.g. circles, rectangles and complex shapes).

cleanLASER Workstations are built on the technology of our mobile laser systems. They combine with a graphic user interface for 2D application. Our laser systems CL 12, CL 20, CL 40, CL 50, CL 150 and CL 300 can also be provided as versatile Workstations. We use modular system construction that enables each laser to be set-up specifically for the needs of each customer according to ideal laser power and degree of automation required. Each system can also be designed as to function as a laser safe class 1 system.

“cleanCELL” – surprisingly cost-effective

  • The scanner can be combined with up to three linear axes and an additional rotation axis in order to treat complex components entirely
  • The basic technique of the standard model “cleanCELL“ is remarkably cost-effective and includes a three axis and linear motion system construction

cleanLASER Workstations can be automated for precise processing repeatability.


Special system for integration into an existing production line
Special system for integration into an existing production line
Standard Workstation cleanCELL
Standard Workstation cleanCELL