cleanLASER, represented by Pondpol, has become the byword for effective and efficient cleaning of moulds in the tyre industry. But did you know how outstanding this method of cleaning truly is when applied to other applications such as:

  • De-coating of small areas
  • Restoration & Conservation
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • Oil & grease removal
  • Selective paint removal
  • Micro-profiling
  • Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding

And in this particular feature – Rust/oxide removal

Any material showing signs of corrosion &/or rusting, demonstrates the early destruction of the main substrate fabric. The very last thing that is required in removing and cleaning this problem, is that of further erosion by means of grit or ice blasting. Not to mention the costs of such a destructive method.

Oxidation does not differentiate or have any respect between materials, applications or environments…. It simply destroys all in its path when exposed to water or the atmosphere. Eventually reducing it to grit and or dust!

Oxidation and its resultant destruction is usually identified under the following types:

  • Galvanic corrosion
  • Stress-corrosion cracking
  • General corrosion
  • Localized corrosion
  • Caustic agent corrosion

In an effort to prolong this destruction, protective coating are utilised in a wide range of applications and subsequent levels of success. However, in all cases, it is an expensive process, often to be repeated:

  • Sealant or painting
  • Galvanization
  • Anti-rust solutions
  • Anodizing
  • Cathodic protection

All will eventually rust or oxidize …. Its just a matter of time

Each application is unique and therefore the wide range of laser power, from 20-1000W, complete with specifically complemented optics, a designated system, be it hand held or fully automated, can be devised.

All lasers and their components are built in Germany under extremely clean conditions by highly qualified engineers and technicians, being subject to a rigorous QA system.

Assembly and testing facilities at cleanLaser, Herzogenrath (near Aachen) Germany

Welcome therefore, to the incredible world of cleaning by laser…

Demonstrating the enormous power and yet delicate beauty of cleanLaser

This video was taken at the Pondpol laser laboratory, using a handheld CL 300 unit on two separate samples at the same time. Although a class 4 laser, it may be seen how gentle, yet powerful these systems are. Please however, do not try this unless you have been fully trained in laser use.





Here at the Pondpol offices and in the laser laboratory, may be seen:

The larger and more powerful CL300 on the left

On the right, a smaller and more compact CL50

Whilst in the foreground the unique and fully mobile handheld portapack CL20 unit



So how exactly does the cleanLaser work:




Physical effects:

  • Ablation by sublimation
  • Ablation by thermally induced pressure

Aesthetic effects:

  • Removal of unsightly oxides
  • Leaving substrate clean and undamaged





This video shows a 1000W Nd:YAG, diode pumped, q-switched laser cleaning unit in action


At this camera speed, the ablation effect by thermally induced pressure is very visible and an amazing spectacle

From simple one off applications, to semi-automated large scale maintenance… cleanLaser is the choice for virtually all rust/oxide removal solutions














In this video, a hand held 1000W cleanLaser, demonstrates oxide removal from a very unusual subject

Even the most complex of shapes are no obstacle for a ‘Handheld’ systems Variable focal point can ready be adjusted manually giving complete flexibility and access to virtually all applications

Efficient rust/oxide removal by means of laser cleaning is gathering both interest and utilization worldwide. The advantages over other methods and processes can be summarized as:

Ease of use

  • Less PPE
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Choice of power
  • Choice of optics
  • Manual or automated
  • Exceptional finishing & quality

Environmental contribution:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Low noise ~ 75 dB
  • No wastage
  • Reduced CO2 levels

Financial advantages

  • Energy consumption up to 85% less than other methods
  • No transportation of media (sand/ice)
  • Speed of operating
  • No mechanical forces – no damage
  • No erosion of substrate
  • Lower running costs – no medium

Should any of the above prove of interest, please contact us for:

  • Viewing our laser cleaning laboratory
  • Free demonstration of laser cleaning your rust/oxide sample (by appointment)
  • Discuss the viability, both physically and financially of using cleanLaser for your own application
  • Discover the power range of laser units, complimented by a wide variety of optical systems to suit
  • Determine just how cleanLaser can contribute to costs and environmental savings