STRaman™ Portable Raman Analyzer Wins Pittcon Today Excellence Gold Award

B&W Tek, a leader in mobile spectroscopy innovations and solutions, is proud to announce that its STRaman™ portable Raman analyzer for See-Through (ST) analysis through opaque barriers is the recipient of the Pittcon Today Excellence Gold Award 2018.

The Pittcon Today Excellence Awards recognize leading edge companies with innovative and impactful products in the laboratory science industry. Winners of this prestigious award were announced during the first day of the 2018 Pittcon Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL. The STRaman placed first for Excellence in Instrumentation in the category of companies with total yearly sales between $10 million and $100 million.

The winning products were selected by a panel of judges consisting of experts from academia and leading industry publications. Criteria for the awards include ingenuity, creativity, and most importantly, projected impact of the products on the laboratory science industry and the world.

The patent-pending STRaman system allows users to collect Raman spectra for material identification through a variety of barrier layers and visually opaque packaging, overcoming challenges previously faced by traditional Raman spectroscopy. The comprehensive instrumentation technology of the STRaman consists of advanced algorithms, a high throughput spectrometer and a specialized probe which increases sampling depth and area, all packed in a portable system.

“Being able to identify chemical species quickly and noninvasively through transparent packaging material has been one of the greatest strengths of Raman spectroscopy, and is a driving reason why Raman is favored over other techniques in many applications involving chemical identification” says Dr. Jun Zhao, Director of Technology. “The see-through Raman technique we developed takes this capability one step further and makes it possible to identify materials inside many visually opaque and diffusely scattering media”

Various industries can benefit from the technology, as it eliminates the need to open containers and come in contact with substances, maintaining sample integrity in the lab or the field. The STRaman is an excellent identification tool for industries with the need for quick and nondestructive analysis such as pharmaceutical, forensics, and specialty chemicals industries.

B&W Tek continues to be successful in delivering total solutions as we strive to produce the most advanced and innovative products to meet the changing industry needs.

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