Product Description

eDAQ – Teaching Kits & Startup Systems

The e-corder 210 and e-corder 410 recording systems are ideal for teaching. They can be used at all tertiary levels of chemistry / biochemistry / physics experimental courses to perform both simple and advanced experiments. No programming is required to develop applications and the software is easy to use, without compromising on features. Replace expensive, single-purpose analytical instruments with an e-corder system.


eDAQ Mega Teaching Kit

This kit includes all the hardware, software, electrodes and transducers required to quickly develop a wide range of exciting experiments for chemistry and biochemistry laboratory courses.

Kit components:

  • ED410 e-corder 410 (including Chart and Scope software)
  • EA161 Potentiostat
  • EP303 pH Pod
  • EP307 Conductivity Pod
  • EP306 Thermocouple Pod
  • ES260 EChem Software
  • ES280 PowerChrom Software
  • ET014 EChem Electrode Kit
  • ET060 Redox Electrode
  • ET226 Drop Counter
  • ET1010 Pulse Transducer
  • ET1115 Oxygen Electrode
  • ET5733 pH Electrode
  • ET915 Conductivity Probe
  • ET1400 T-type Thermocouple Probe

EChem Startup System

This system, complete with software, data recording unit, potentiostat and electrodes, is ideal for those wanting to include voltammetric experiments in their undergraduate course, or for researchers who want a system for cyclic voltammetry.

It comprises:

  • ED401 e-corder 401 (including Chart and Scope software)
  • EA161 Potentiostat
  • ES260 EChem software
  • ET014 Voltammetric Electrode kit

C4D System Bundle

The ER283 C4D System Bundle includes the ER280 PowerChrom system and EA120 C4D Amp.

This system comes complete with C4D Amp, software, data recording unit and a choice of the headstage for capillary electrophoresis or the platform for microchip electrophoresis.

Bundle components:

  • EA120 C4D Amp (includes choice of headstage or platform)
  • ER280 PowerChrom System (includes PowerChrom software)

EChem is also fully compatible with the eDAQ Potentiostat, the high sensitivity eDAQ Picostat and the four-channel eDAQ QuadStat.

EChem uses the e-corder recording systems as the digital waveform generator, and data acquisition system. Thus even non-scanning potentiostats can be upgraded to the full range of EChem techniques.

EChem version 2 has improved resolution (16 bit sampling, with 32 bit floating point averaging), and faster scan rates (to about 500 V/s) than earlier versions.