Product Description

eDAQ – Transducers and Accessories

eDAQ supplies a variety of transducers suitable for use with their e-corder units, and their fully software-controlled Amp and Pods:


Oxygen Electrodes

Various actuators are available from eDAQ for your specific applications such as:

  • Galvanic Oxygen Electrode
  • Micro Oxygen Electrode
  • Oxygen Electrode Adaptor
  • Membrane Housing Kit (for ET1120)

her high impedance sources up to ±2 V, requiring electrometer input.


pH, Redox, Conductivity Electrodes

Various ph, Redox and porductivity electrodes are available from eDAQ for your specific applications such as:

  • EChem Electrode Kit
  • pH Electrode
  • Redox Electrode
  • pH Electrode – Tuff-Tip
  • Flow-Thru Conductivity Electrode (93 µL)
  • Flow-Thru Conductivity Electrode (17µL)
  • Dip-In Conductivity Electrode

Piezo Electric Pulse Transducer

A small, rugged piezo electric vibration/acceleration transducer. It can be connected directly to a BNC input on any e-corder unit.


Temperature Probes

eDAQ brings a variety of temperature probes for your specific applications. Models available are:

  • General Purpose Temperature Probe
  • RTD Temperature Probe
  • K-type Temperature Probe

Drop Counter

A drop counter that features a reflective sensor that contains both an infra-red light emitting diode and a photo-transistor. As a drop passes the sensor, a TTL output signal is emitted. The drop counter connects directly to a DIN plug on an e-corder, providing a convenient way to measure and display titrant volume in relation to one or more solution parameters such as pH, conductance, or temperature.

Improves the speed and accuracy of a titration by eliminating the need to stop the addition of titrant exactly at the endpoint of a reaction.